Financial Aid Information (FAF)

UBMS’ Financial Aid Forum | Updated 2-1-16

Participants & Parents,

This page has been added to provide additional information so that you are able to understand the financial process in order to pay for college.  Information will be added on a ongoing basis.  Please contact us with any questions.

1. SLIDES cover reasons for college, tuition costs, what is financial aid, and scholarships:

   Previous Sessions: FAF Presentation 2015, FAF Presentation 2011

2. VIDEO Segments about Financial Aid:
– Financial Aid Basics
Applying for Financial Aid
Financial Aid Process
Myths about Financial Aid (Spanish)

3.  Other Financial aid Presentations from UT Arlington Financial Aid Office:
Previous: UTA FAO Presentation by Jason Young

4.  Review of Financial Aid information presented during sessions:
Previous: Financial Aid Quiz

5. Slides covering how to complete the FAFSA specifically:
  Previous: FASFAOntheWeb_UBMS Revised

– UBMS’ FAF Presentation ’16 LINK -PART I  
UBMS’ FAF Presentation ’16 LINK -PART II

Contact UBMS for questions about Financial Aid


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