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*scroll down the page for updates *5/15/18*  

**Meeting at The University of Texas at Arlington Campus
   Building Location:  Preston Hall, Room 307

Driving Directions: 

Address: 604 W. Second St., Arlington, Texas 76019

Map Link (Preston Hall

Connect Online – May 17th Session: Online Participants ONLY.  Follow these instructions:

  1. Use a computer with reliable internet access (Make sure your flash player is updated on your computer to view session well. )
  2. Plan to logon for the session 10-15 minutes before 6:00 PM (CST).
  3. Join by clicking on this LINK.
  4. Provide your name on the first screen. We will give you access shortly.
  5. Use headphones/speakers to listen during the session.
  6. Watch and Listen to the Live session in its entirety.
  7. You and your parent can ask questions if you have any during the session (post in the chat window.

Text UBMS if you have questions.