San Jacinto/Houston Area



Updated *1/31/2018

No meeting at this location, next meeting in April (see calendar)


Video Conference in the Houston/San Jacinto area.

Address: 5800 Uvalde Rd, Houston, Texas 77049

Meet at:  San Jacinto College- North campus,

Building 17.  Room 1022. Staff will be there by 5:45 pm

Link to map:,+texas&daddr=5800+Uvalde+Rd,+Houston,+Texas+77049&hl=en&sll=32.701843,-97.135413&sspn=0.47958,0.617294&geocode=FcEaxgEdUsdQ-ikBhY1ItLhAhjE7BWXz3gINyg%3BFbnvxgEdyapT-ilHRjz8WaRAhjGTzxn1DirCfA&mra=ls&t=m&z=12


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