Video Conference Info

2016-2017 UBMS Academic Year Activities

– UBMS Connect Activities –


May Live VC Session

Thursday, 18th, 6 – 8 pm CST


Please plan to attend this  video conferencing session by going to a VC site in your area. This is a required session to attend to be able to participate in the summer program. We also need you to bring a parent with you as we will give some information to them as well.  Very important informationin this session, so make sure you attend.

Remember, go to the “Video Conferencing Info Tab” to find the nearest VC site and get directions/updates so that you can be a part of the required session.

Note:  Those who missed the session must watch the recording (if it is available) and return the VC Feedback form.  Look under ‘VC Archives’

                                      Session Powerpoint (Follow along)