Video Conference Info

2017-2018 UBMS Academic Year Activities

– UBMS Connect Activities –


January Live VC Sessions

Jan 31st, Wednesday, 6-8 pm CST (Banquete, Presidio, Somerset, Waco Participants Required) / Parents are asked to attend


Please plan to attend this  video conferencing session by going to a VC site in your area. You should make every effort to be present at the session.  Bring paper and writing utensil to the session to take notes and work on the activities presented.  If you have questions on how to attend, please contact the program.

Remember, go to the “Video Conferencing Info Tab” to find the nearest VC site and get directions/updates so that you can be a part of the required session.

Note:  Those who missed the session must watch the recording (if it is available) and return the VC Feedback form.  Look under ‘VC Archives’

                                      Session Powerpoint (Follow along)