Test Preparations

STAAR Preparation

STAAR Test Strategies (check out…)

Here are some math and science question and solutions to help you get a feel of what will be asked on the STAAR exam. Please go through them and work them out, then look at the solutions to check your answers. Good Luck on your exams guys, and we hope this helps.  Presented during December VC sessions (see tab under ‘Video Conferencing Info’)

STAAR Math Questions

STAAR Science Questions


SAT Prep

Here is the link to the full practice SAT test, use this to help you prepare for it.

Full SAT Practice Test

Here is a link to Khan Academy where they have many videos over various SAT questions. Use this resource to help you prepare for the SAT throughout the year.

SAT Prep – Khan Academy


Posted here are a couple of links to documents that help with test anxiety, and another that helps prepare you for the upcoming STAAR exams. Please use this information because they really can help you improve your score.

Test Anxiety

Test Taking Tips




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