NOTE: — Continuing Participants complete PART A & B.   — New Participants (Accepted before May 1st, complete PART A & B, after May 1st, only complete PART B).

Program/Self Evaluation | May ICCP – Part A
Provide feedback about your experience in the program this past year.  You will complete survey questions for the Program & Self Evaluation to the best of your ability.  See email received.

Be sure to include comments and ideas so that we can improve all aspects of the program.


Getting to Know You | May ICCP – Part B
Post your comment here so that other participants can know who you are.

Here is how to respond…
1.  What is your name and where are you from?
2.  What are your expectations for this summer?
3.  Reply to other participants’ comments


42 Responses to May ICCP

  1. gus rodriguez says:

    my names is gus rodriguez and I am from banquete texas.
    my expectations are to work hard and have a great time doing it

  2. Robin Alejandra Medina says:

    My name is Robin Alejandra Medina, I am from El Paso, Texas. My expectations are to have a positive experience being away from home, to learn new things and have fun.

  3. Joshua Reyes says:

    my name is Josh Reyes, and my expectations are to learn more about college life while gaining a little more knowledge on other subjects.

  4. Joshua Reyes says:

    sorry, by the way I am from Banquete texas

  5. Jasmine Crain says:

    My name is Jasmine Crain, and I am from El Paso, Texas. My expectations for this summer is to have fun, learn, and gain more independence while living away from home.

    • Lydia says:

      Jasmine, I hope to become independent as well!

    • Christopher Quintero says:

      Hey Jasmine, I have to say that independence is not an option here. You,ll learn how to mange money between necessities and things you want. Having strong time management skills is something you can definitely benefit from, or even learn, because you’ll have to manage doing homework, sleep, and other activities in a certain time frame. Those are just some examples you will have to exercise your independence.

    • Nicole Ceniceros says:

      My name is Nicole Ceniceros from El Paso, Texas. I expect to learn new things and have fun.

    • gus says:

      howdy partner

  6. Peiru Liu says:

    My name is Peiru Liu, and I am from Galveston, Texas. My expectation for the summer is to have fun and get away from the island chill(it’s making me lazy).

  7. Joshua Reyes says:


  8. Martin Partida Jr. says:

    My name is Martin Partida Jr. others know me by the name of ‘Chacorta’ haha ;). I am from Houston, Texas. My expectations is to get the most knowledge and college life this summer. I’ll see ya’ll there 🙂

  9. Richard Meza says:

    Hello I’m Richard Meza, I’m from Houston, Texas. This summer I expect to have a gain a lot of knowledge and while doing that I expect to have a lot fun!! I also expect to meet a lot of awesome people.

  10. Eric Alvarez says:

    Hey guys I’m Eric Alvarez (@Erictttions) feel free to to follow me on the gram but dm me so I know its y’all and I can follow back. I’m also known as Boost God (adidas) I like shoes video games and soccer. Hoping to see all of you guys there and have high expectations for this summer. Can’t wait to meet y’all and kick back with y’all but still do our work. I am from the H 🤘🏻 (Houston) and I’m an upcoming senior. Leave halls gram below

    • Victor says:

      Hey man, what’s up! I hope we get to become friends during the summer! I love video games too, soccer not that much( I prefer football). I’ll follow you on the gram!
      Have a nice day! 🙂

  11. Lilia Morales says:

    My name is Lilia Morales. I’m from Houston, Texas. I’m exited to meet everyone and just have a great time and gain a lot of knowledege

  12. Victor says:

    My name is Victor Contreras. I am from Presidio,Texas. My expectations for this year are just gaining more knowledge about my career, meeting new people and make friendships, and just have a good time.

  13. Lydia says:

    My name is Lydia Granados. I am from El Paso, Texas. My expectations for this year is to enhance the knowledge of what I already know and gain a better understanding of the criteria needed for my career.

  14. My name is Divina Silguero, I’m from Robstown,Texas. My expectations for this summer is to learn new things, and be more productive because I’m really really lazy most of the time.

  15. Jasmin Hernandez says:

    My name is Jasmin Hernandez, i’m from Waco,Texas,and my expectations for this summer is a lot of work and fun.

  16. Christopher Quintero says:

    My name is Christopher Quintero, and I’m from El Paso Texas. This summer I hope to further my knowledge with the various math and science classes. I hope to conduct a successful research with Siemens Research Experience. All at the same time I hope in making new friends, being the best role model possible, and making memories.

  17. Tia Whitman says:

    My name is Tia Whitman. I am a sophomore from Banquete, Texas. This summer, I plan to help myself, and others, if possible, expand my knowledge of math and science. I plan on having a great experience this summer and I hope everything will go great!

  18. Lily Dahl says:

    My name is Lily Dahl. I am a rising sophomore from Terlingua, Tx. This summer I hope to learn more about my coursses for next year, as well as some interesting things from extra curricular activities offered at this program.

  19. Jimmy Gonzales says:

    Hello my name is Jimmy Gonzales I live in San Antonio, Texas. I except to meet new people to network and further my knowledge in math and science. Let’s make a blast this summer guys and make memories to remember together!

  20. Denia Gibson says:

    Hi my name is Denia Gibson, and I’m from Corpus Christi, Texas. This summer I plan on taking summer classes in Dallas and just explore the city a little.

  21. Heather Dahl says:

    Hello. My name is Heather Dahl. I go by Nicky and am a rising senior. I attended this program after my freshmen year and am excited to come back and see all my old friends again. I also expect to learn a lot from the classes and the enrichment activities.

  22. Jesus Escamilla says:

    Hi my name is Jesus, I am from Houston TX. I expect to learn a lot this summer, and to meet a lot of new people.

  23. Sherell Atkins says:

    Hi my name is Sherell Atkins, I am from Waco, Tx. My expectations for this summer is to gain more knowledge in the science and math field. This is my first year going to this program and I feel that I will make it a summer to remember

  24. Rodney Baltierra Jr. says:

    Hello my name is Rodney Baltierra Jr., I am from Banquete Tx, and for this summer program i want to experience an entry to college life, and make new friends, this will be my first year attending the UBMS program.

  25. Carla Barron says:

    Hello, my name is Carla Barron, I am from El Paso, Texas. This summer i expect to hopefully gain more knowledge and experience in upcoming community service opportunities. Im looking forward to getting the chance to plan my hours according to where i want to spend them. I wont be attending the program this summer but i reassure you my summer will not be wasted. Hope you all have a blast in Arlington this summer and good luck to the newbies!

  26. Hello Everyone,

    This is Mr. Raleigh, Director of the Upward Bound Math & Science Center.

    You should know that our motto is: “Knowledge is Power…Realizing your potential”. But, we will be taking it a step further again this summer…, “STEM – reaching forward to your career!”. We are expecting all students to explore colleges, careers, all kinds of information that you may be interested in and be able to do some exciting things with what you learn.

    We are all very excited about seeing returning faces, and eager to meet those you who are new students.

    Some reminders:
    1. If you are flying, you should receive your flight information last week. Let us know if you have questions.
    Don’t forget to bring your flight itinerary (if flying), and other items needed for six weeks. Also, don’t forget to bring money for luggage ~$25
    2. All, be sure to pack light (even drivers), as we will be moving around more than last time.
    3. If you have not completed and submitted summer forms and/or missed ICCP activities, you need to submit them by tomorrow.
    4. Any last minute questions — shoot us a text.

    Note: If you missed the Summer Parent Video Conferencing session, [CLICK ON THE LINKS]

    We will see you on Sunday…have a safe trip!

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