SIX Things Texas Students Should Know About Getting Into College

Make School Your Jobclass-patcipation

The first thing college admissions officers look for on your application is your grade point average.  It’s simple–you  have to make the grades point average. It’s simple–you have to make the grades in high schooll to earn your spot in a college.  The easiest way to do that is to think of school as your job, starting in your first year. If you show up late for work, slack off, and talk back to the manager, you’ll get fired faster than you can say, “Do you want fries with that?” But if you always arrive on time, work really hard, and try to learn management, then pretty soon you’ll probably get a raise or promotion.

What works on the job works in the classroom, too.  Take challenging courses.  Turn in all your work on time.  Pay attention in class.  Contribute to discussions.  Ask for help when you don’t understand something.  By treating school as a career, you’ll have a better shot at earning the grades and teacher recommendations that you need to move to the next level.

Get Involved in Activities

Colleges don’t accept student to fill seats.  They look for students who will add to the entire college community by playing on sports teams, performing on stage, volunteering for service projects, and so on.  Look at the clubs and teams available at your school and sign up for the ones that interest you.  In addition to showing school spirit, being part of an organization is a great way to build teamwork and leadership skills–two traist that can really help your college application stand out from the pack.


Build a Resume Portfolio

What if you had to take a final exam on the last three years of a subject and didn’t have any notes to study?  Well, that’s exactly what it’s like tying to complete a college application if you haven’t kept an ongoing file of all your activities, honors, and employment.

Start your first year and build a career portfolio.  It’s also smart to create a computer file called “college resume” and add to it each time you participate in a service project, win an award, get a new job, and so on.  Use technology to creat a resume format or ask your parents or guidance counselor for help.  When you sit down to complete your college applications, review your career portfolio and calal up the resume–all the information you need will be right at your fingertip.

Stay Tuned for Number 4-6 soon.

Source: Achieve Texas in Action – A Healthy Future, pg. 18


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