Motivation in Studying

To do well in studying, it’s important to be motivated.  Motivation plays a great part in how successful you are in your study habits in high school and college.

Questions to Consider:

  • Can I self motivate when I need to?
  • Do I plan how I use my time?
  • Do i use different methods for different types of assignments and tests?
  • Do I modify or change my study environment to help me concentrate?
  • Do I seek help when I need it?


Improving Your Motivation Is Essential So That You Can Study

Motivation, why is it so difficult to get motivated to study?

  • We don’t have external pressures to push us to get it done.
  • We have not set short term goals for ourselves.
  • We have not realized how important the grades for an assignment, class or course is.
  • Are we thinking of studying as a source of satisfaction or a chore?

Use These to Help You Be More Motivated in Studying:

  • I came to college because…
  • I want to make grades that are good enough to…
  • My motivation for making good grades is to…
  • I sometimes don’t study when I should because…

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