Word Power

Description:  The contest will consist of two parts to measure the extent of student’s vocabulary. Part One is covers vocabulary in context where students determine the missing word using the multiple choice answers.  Part Two is where the student corrects the punctuation of words/sentences.  A third part is used a tiebreak where the student must write the words being pronounced and spell them correctly.

Purpose:  To provide contestants with precise and effective use of words.  It consists of three parts which are multiple-choice questions covering proofreading, vocabulary, and words that are written from dictation.  The Vocabulary and spelling parts of the contest are important to help in high school are words used on PSAT, SAT and ACT.
Test Format:  40 multiple choice questions and 5 punctuation questions & tiebreaker.  Words from 80% of the words tested come from the WORD POWER LIST (1500 words) and 20% from text books, essays, news articles.  [250 words will be picked for study and appear on the test]

Time:  35 (30 minutes-multiple choice+ 5 minutes-punctuation)      # of Contestants:  5
Materials Needed:  Pencil, Pens and scratch paper


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