Poetry Interpretation

Description: The contest will include a preliminary and final round of oral speaking of and speaking about the poem.  The contestants will be judged on interpretation and performance of the poem.

Purpose: The purpose of this contest is to encourage the contestant to understand, experience, and share poetry through the art of oral interpretation. The goals of oral interpretation are:

A.  To discover a better understanding of the poem as it is performed                           B.  To discover some aspect of human experience through the poem                             C.  To communicate a test’s meaning to the audience.

Time: The time limit for a performance, including introduction, will be no longer than five (5) minutes. The time for the entire contest including section assignment (ten (10) minutes) and the two rounds (forty –five (45) minutes each) is estimated at two (2) hours.

#  of Contestants: 3

Materials Needed: All participants will abide by the following guidelines as far as poetry selection is concerned.

Poetry selection must follow these contest guidelines:

A.  Selections from plays ARE NOT to be used

B.  Song lyrics published only as music ARE NOT to be used.,

C.  Selections are to read in the English translation; however, incidental use of foreign language words and phrases in any selection may be used as in the original.

D.  A published poem by an anonymous poet is NOT PERMISSIBLE.


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