Number Sense

Description: Two tests consists of problems from the U.I.L. Number Sense contests.  Contestants will solve as many problems as possible in the order in which they appear.

Purpose: To provide contestants with experience to stimulate an interest in mathematics and promote math as a vocation.

Test Format: 2 tests of 80 problems   Time: 10/10 minutes  # of Contestants: 5

Materials Needed: Pencils will be provided for all contestants. NO scratch paper will be allowed.

Written Answers: ALL PROBLEMS ARE TO BE SOLVED MENTALLY!!! Only the answers are to be written in the space provided at the end of each problem. ONCE AN ANSWER IS WRITTEN, IT CAN NOT BE ERASED OR CHANGED. Problems marked with a (*) require only approximation answers; any answer to a starred problem that is within 5% of the exact answer will be scored correct.


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