Impromptu Speaking

Description: The contest consists of two rounds.  The contestants will speak on the topics chosen.  When a contestant is called to the room to speak, he or she will draw three (3) topics from the topic container.  The contestant must select one (1) topic within thirty (30) seconds and then return the remaining two (2) topics to the topic container.  The contestant will be given one (1) minute to prepare to speak.  The contestants with the highest scorers will move to the final round.  For the final round, each contest will draw to determine performance order once again.

Purpose: To provide contestants with experience in developing skills needed to communicate a text’s meaning to the audience.

Contest Format: 25 topics for choosing in preliminary and final rounds and 25 additional topics for the final round.

Time: The time limit for each speech will be five (5) minutes. The time for the entire contest including section assignment (ten (10) minutes), preliminary round (forty-five (45) minutes), and final round (forty (40) minutes) is estimated at one (1) hour and forty (40) minutes.

# of Contestants: 3

Materials Needed: Note cards MAY NOT be used during the speech.


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