2017-18 AY Blog Updates

Hello UBMS Participant,


  • Check out the VC session recordings (if you missed one or want to review any information), look under the ‘Video Conferencing Info’ tab.
  • Do you need more ideas on scholarship — check out the ‘Scholarship’ menu.  More scholarships and updates will be added here soon.  Note: you will have to check the eligibility and deadlines for this years.
  • Lastly, look under the ‘Students in the Classroom’ menu to get help with a host of things from test preparation to how to manage your classwork.
  • What would you like to see added to the Blog ?  Reply and we will see what we can do.

Have a great Spring!!!  UBMS 🙂

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Senior Update – Exit Interview

SENIORS, its that time to let us know about your plans as you finish up high school this year and get ready for college this fall.

Please complete the SURVEY now through May 15th.  Those who complete the survey will be eligible to receive the Honor Cord and Completion certificate for the program.

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UBMS Instagram

For those of you who have not added the Upward Bound Math and Science Instagram, what are you waiting for? We post updates for the program, as well as life in the office and cool pics of the UTA campus.


Follow us by searching “utaubms” on Instagram.

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Get ACT Prep with MasterPrep

COE which is a organization that help promote TRiO programs such as UBMS nationwide, will be working with MasterPrep to provide a webinar this Saturday to help you with doing better on the ACT.  I know some of you taking the ACT on April 8th, so this might be helpful for you as you prepare to take it next week.  Or if you want to learn more about the ACT test, you can join too.  You need to sign up by Thursday, Mar. 30th to participate.  They will give you access to the session on Saturday and the webinar is free.

 Here’s how to Register, click HERE.  (https://zoom.us/meeting/register/68b9f7cc655347034ac87b605f06faf5)

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CollegeGo is a mobile app that helps with planning for college. With this you can search different colleges, scholarship opportunities, and much more while on the go! You can download it on an Android device or an iOS device.

Link: CollegeGo

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Welcome to the 2016 – 2017 Academic year!

We have kicked off our academic year activities for the program.  If we think about what Neil deGrasse Tyson said, “There is no greater education than one that is self-driven,” we should get hyped for the opportunity to learn new things.

So, be sure to join in on the exciting things taking place this year.  Look for more information soon.

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UBMS’ 2016 Summer Activities!

2016 Summer Residential Institute [June 5th – July 16th] & Bridge Program [July 11th – Aug 11th] is approaching!  Are you getting ready?—

  • Have you submitted your 1st and 2nd summer packets?  Don’t forget to submit them by the final deadline – May 13th.
  • Have you begun preparing for your desired ABC event?  Look under ‘Academic Bowl Competition’ menu for practice materials, comment about the event, and more.
  • The May ICCP is available.  Meet your fellow UBMS participants.  Look under ‘May ICCP’ menu.
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2015-16 Academic Year Activities have begun!

Join in — look for more  information on some exciting things happening in the program.

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Calling all UBMS participants! 

Join and don’t miss out on what is in store this year. We have so many things planned to help you. Here is a peek to whats going on:

  1. Informative and intriguing conferencing sessionsUBMS Helix
  2. One on One talks with UBMS staff
  3. Key Action tips to get your ready for college
  4. Interaction with math & science college students
  5. Competitions and contests to win prizes

And Much More!

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Welcome!  This is Blog for the Upward Bound Math & Science Center at the University of Texas at Arlington.

This forum is open for you-as a participant to use and comment about the activities in the program, get updates and get valuable information.  You will have the opportunity to comment with staff, participants, university staff and alumni of the program. Please take advantage of the information we have to share with you each month.  If you have a question, please contact us.

To get a view of what UBMS is about, click on the link. UBMS Video

~Upward Bound Math & Science Staff

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